On the surface, many HOA neighborhoods can look like effortless pinnacles of perfection. With well-manicured lawns, public amenities, and tight community bonds, it can seem as though that HOA has miraculously captured utopia in a bottle.


However, the truth of the matter is that a lot of hard work and scrappy HOA management goes into making perfection happen. No beautiful HOA neighborhood ends up where it is out of sheer luck alone; often, proactive board members and airtight accounting property management are to blame.


However, what does “proactivity” and “airtight management” look like? In other words, what are some signs your HOA is being properly taken care of on an administrative level? Gassen, an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, explains below.

Good Management Touches Every Corner of the Community

The purpose of an HOA board is to both maintain high property values in the area, but also to foster social bonds and a sense of pride in the neighborhood. If both of these happen, congrats! You’ve got a great board.


However, that doesn’t answer the question of what goes into making those things happen. A properly functioning HOA board will:


●        Tell you about rule changes or upcoming fees long before they come into effect. Nobody appreciates an unexpected expense, and HOA residents are no exception. A properly managed board has its paperwork together enough to be proactive—to tell their residents months beforehand when fees will increase, for example. Moreover, they will make publicly available news of changing rules. The purpose of this is twofold: it maintains community morale, and it helps ensure the board will not have to chase down rulebreakers who are simply unaware of their infractions.

●        Take community voice into account. HOA neighborhoods are not dictatorships; not many people would voluntarily choose to live in them if they were! The board that governs HOA communities should foster community pride by giving homeowners a voice when it comes to everything from accounting property management to new community amenities.

●        Pay attention to details when it comes to accounting property management. A properly functioning HOA board keeps in contact with residents who don’t pay their dues. Even the slightest change in the budget can throw off anything from landscaping plans to winterization procedures.

Contact Gassen for Quality Property Management Services

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