HOA board members work hard: it’s common knowledge. From scheduling community event to collecting payments on time, their days are filled with chaos, and they don’t even get paid for it! While it’s wonderful to be hardworking, there can come a time wherein an HOA board bites off a little more than it can chew—a time in which a volunteer board becomes overwrought with responsibilities and could definitely use the help of property management services.


How is a resident to know when the board is struggling? Boards tend to present so professionally that it can be tough to tell. Gassen, Eden Prairie provider of HOA management, has some tips below.

Stress in a Board is Similar to Stress in a Person

Think about the last time life got crazy and stress overtook you. Did you forget things you’d normally remember? Did you make clerical mistakes at your job? Did you become irritable, or did you wonder where on Earth your problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills went?


All of these symptoms can present themselves in a stressed HOA board in much the same way they’d present in a stressed individual. While nobody should expect perfection from a volunteer board (that’s what property management services are for) the following situations can be indications that your board is flagging:


●        Faulty accounting. When we’re tired, the world seems to blur before our eyes, and our capacity to execute complicated mental tasks plummets. If your board has been having financial troubles lately, it might not be that the money doesn’t exist, but that it is being poorly allocated, or the numbers just aren’t adding up. Consider hiring accounting property management services for help.

●        Notifying residents of changes or events last-minute. Good HOA boards will stay on top of community events and notify residents of changes in policy or new fees long before they go into effect. If your board is letting things slip, it could be a sign they need better organizational tools, such as online property management services.

●        Inability to resolve resident conflicts. While keeping residents happy is a challenge for the best HOA boards, if there’s been a particular conflict that’s been simmering for a while, it could be a sign that the board is simply too frazzled to deal with it. Administrative tasks and bookkeeping can take up a lot of a board’s time, and without the help of property management services, it’s easy for a board to spread itself too thin.


Need to Get Your HOA Back on its Feet? Gassen is Here to Help

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