Fall is here! While many of us love basking in the picturesque colors of a Minnesotan autumn, for others, the season means picking up the slack to prepare for colder weather. HOA neighborhoods have a lot on their plates; winters here are long, frigid, and damaging to property values all across the state. Not to mention that below-zero temperatures can put a damper on community morale.


That’s why it’s important for HOA communities in the autumn months to fortify—both in terms of their properties and in terms of neighborly bonds. Luckily, there are ways to do both at once! Gassen, Eden Prairie provider of property management services, explains how below.

The Bottom Line: Making Maintenance Enjoyable

For the winterizing services that your accounting property management reveals you cannot afford, the board will need to rally the HOA neighborhood to compensate. It’s crucial, after all, that everything be prepared to weather the winter weather. However, forcing your neighborhood to work, even if said work is necessary, can breed feelings of resentment, especially if the tasks were not necessary in previous years. The board must strive to make maintenance projects enjoyable while also accomplishing the necessary winterization.


Seem easier said than done? Consider the ideas below:


●        Partner people up. Important chores like cleaning out gutters and repairing asphalt driveways can be downright unpleasant. However, they’re much easier to deal with if you have a friend to bond with over the universal distaste. Working together, no matter the task, also fosters a social connection, so consider using online property management technology to pick pairs.

●        Involve the neighborhood children.  also means that the adults of the neighborhood won’t need to hire a babysitter.Kids have a way of brightening the most dreary of jobs. If you’re considering hosting a community event to get winterization done, it’s a wise choice to give the neighborhood children a chore to complete, too. Make it age and ability appropriate, of course, and perhaps provide a treat at the end. As a nice perk, involving the kids and making sure they’re supervised.

●        Give a reward at the end. No matter their age or situation, everyone likes a good pat on the back for a job well done. A neighborhood potluck after a long day of raking leaves can go a long way to building morale and inspiring pride in the work the community has accomplished.

Need Help with Scheduling Community Maintenance Projects? Gassen is Here for You

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