In any homeowners association (HOA), no matter how great the HOA management is, spats between members are bound to happen. When there are strong feelings about the community’s well-being, it sometimes can be difficult to mitigate the resulting tempers! Luckily, a well-written rulebook can quickly and judiciously resolve these arguments and keep your HOA running smoothly.


But what if it can’t?


Case in point: What if you’re starting a brand new landscaping project this year, and you haven’t had time to establish rules before two members bring up concerns about how close the project is to a local duck pond? The rules don’t say how board members should handle these problems. How are board members to honor member concerns fairly and kindly if they don’t have a framework to use to do so?


It’s a conundrum, but Gassen, property management services firm of Eden Prairie, has the answers below.

Seek HOA Member Feedback

If even a single member has brought up a concern, it pays to assess if other HOA members feel similarly. Some members might not have the courage to bring up their concerns to a large board or even to do so publicly. And, for obvious reasons, it’s crucial to get public opinions about an issue before you, as a board, declare a permanent rule.


Getting the opinions of a whole community isn’t an easy task, but the following can make it a little easier.


●        Ask for feedback through online property management services. Consider sending a message or creating a poll online. Your members can quickly give their answers through their phones; no need to track them all down or to count paper slips after a board meeting.

●        Gauge public opinion at board meetings. Engaging the public in an open, honest dialogue about the issue at hand can spark new ideas about how to handle it. It also can show you if your community feels strongly one way or another.

●        Keep your ears open. Understand that it’s impossible for all people to voice their opinions at board meetings. Check in with quieter HOA members, and if you overhear smaller conversations about the dispute, join in and listen openly to your community’s concerns.

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