Homeowners associations (HOAs) often pride themselves on their ability to keep property values in their neighborhoods high. However, they also are important community-building organizations. Through the planning of events and letting everyone have a voice, they foster tight bonds between community members.


But, what happens when these two purposes clash? Say there’s a community member whose house isn’t up to par, which is bringing down the property values of everyone in the neighborhood. How does HOA management go about enforcing the rules both fairly and compassionately in this case?


Gassen, an Eden Prairie provider of property management services, explains how to maintain both kindness and authority when dealing with a community member’s poorly maintained house.

Always Put the People First

In many instances, the majority of rule violations can be fixed by simply talking with the person in question. In the case of a poorly maintained house, it pays to simply visit the residents and gently ask what’s been going on and if there’s anything you or the community can do to help. Keep it non-confrontational. Remember, many times there are reasons outside of laziness that a home isn’t being maintained. These can look like the following:


●        A death in the family or familial illness

●        Mental health problems in the family

●        A career change

●        Financial problems

●        Marital strain

●        The loss of a close friend


As you can imagine, it is somewhat hurtful to coldly enforce discipline in any of these cases; the community member is under enough stress as it is. If that member is struggling due to reasons outside of their control, consider rallying the rest of the neighborhood and hosting a volunteer cleanup day to help out.

What if it’s Laziness?

If this member is simply apathetic toward the condition of his or her home, disciplinary action can be in order. Now is the time to flex your HOA muscles and act as the governing body you are. Consider investing in online property management services to keep things impersonal and mitigate feelings of resentment.

Need Property Management Services? Gassen has You Covered

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