If you’re a new homeowner in an HOA, we at Gassen understand that it all can be a little overwhelming; you might feel like a child starting a new school: a little excited, a little lonely, and most of all, lost. There are quite a few new rules you need to keep up with—rules your old neighborhood didn’t have in place.


Moreover, you have no idea how this nebulous entity called “the board” works. Who governs an HOA? How does it operate? What do all these titles mean? You have no idea who you can go to for help, and that just makes things all the more confusing.


Gassen, an Eden Prairie property management services firm, is here to help. Below, you’ll find a simple primer on what various positions within HOAs do, as well as what they can’t.

President and Vice President

The president of an HOA essentially functions as the captain of the community. He or she tends to be responsible for managing and maintaining order in neighborhood meetings, administering regulations fairly, and the general appointment of staff members specific to individual HOA by-laws (AKA individual HOA rules). The vice president will fulfill all of these duties should the president be unable to do so. Though they both serve as powerful members of the HOA management body, their power is very rarely absolute, as this would defeat the purpose of having a board.


Both the vice president and the president should be knowledgeable regarding all the codes that govern their HOA; they are great resources should you ever have a question about something. Though, keep in mind their extensive responsibilities may make them quite busy!

The Board of Directors

This entity consists of the secretary, treasurer, and generic board members. Secretaries work on the organizational side of things—maintaining documents and official records. The treasurer, on the other hand, deals mainly in finances. He or she plan budgets, works with contractors around those budgets, and just generally makes sure the HOA stays fiscally afloat. He/she frequently collects payments via online property management services, and some of his/her responsibilities can be offset using accounting property management services.


Additional members may be recruited for larger neighborhood. The rest of the board, simply put, is in charge of helping everyone understand an individual HOA’s rules.

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