Whether you hire a contractor or make it a volunteer affair, summertime landscaping should always be a priority for your HOA. Colorful flowers and manicured lawns make property values soar—not to mention leave the air smelling fresh and sweet.


However, a landscaping project is always more complicated than planting flowers randomly. Structure, soil conditions, and color schemes all need to be considered regardless of where the landscaping is taking place—and what about your budget?


There’s a lot to worry about, but pulling off a hitchless summer landscaping project is possible. Gassen, Eden Prairie’s premiere provider of property management services and online property management, explains below how to make sure your HOA’s summertime groundskeeping is both stress-free and economically viable.

A Primer on Plants

Plant-powered augmentation of property values doesn’t have to take forever or cost you millions; there’s a lot you can do within your means to freshen up your neighborhood for summer. Most of this boils down to planning ahead and minimizing the risk that you’ll need to invest more money on your plants in the future. Proper HOA management, like Gassen’s, will ensure this happens.


For example, know that annual flowers will die off over the winter and that you’ll need to buy again come spring. Also know that symmetrical floral arrangements require a larger investment than asymmetrical ones, as a single ailing plant will quickly spoil the look. Picking plants that are native to your area is prudent; they will acclimate easily to the soil and, if perennial, are more likely to be able to overwinter.

Focus on Where it Matters

If your accounting property management services deem it so, come to terms with the fact that this year, you might not be able to afford to give your whole neighborhood an overhaul. If this is the case, focus your time and energy on items that directly affect the health and safety of your community—for example, roads that need repaving or roofs that need repair. Then, you can focus on more aesthetic concerns with the leftover money. Consider overhauling public areas the whole community can enjoy.

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