We live in a digital age; it’s undeniable that global society is moving toward it. Our emails are on our phones, refrigerators are now connected to the internet, and voice-controlled personal assistance devices have become fixtures in many American homes.


It’s no surprise the HOA management industry is also moving toward digitization. Online property management systems are becoming ever more common. If you’re new to property management services or are simply unfamiliar with technology in general, you might be a little leery of this phenomenon; after all, how can a people-focused organization like an HOA take itself to the web and still remain effective?


Don’t pull the plug on digital just yet. Gassen, an Eden Prairie HOA management firm, explains below how the right use of online property management tools can actually foster a human connection, mitigate stress, and bring the people in your HOA together.

Online Property Management Technology Streamlines the Unpleasant Parts of Your Board’s Duties

Communicating essential information does not necessarily require a human connection; in fact, in this day and age, in-person administration often so encumbers HOA board members that they’re exhausted before they can even begin to plan events or deal with finances.


Distributing newsletters, collecting fees, and distributing critical documents all are some of the features of our online property management technology. None of these are particularly fun things to do, nor do they foster a connection between any group of people. In fact, squabbles can break out due to the stress these tasks create! Online property management works to streamline the insignificant unpleasantries as much as possible, leaving your HOA to get back to planning more important (and more enjoyable) things.

Online Property Management Keeps Things Organized

Did you deliver that newsletter to the new family in the neighborhood? How about ask the Smiths for their late fee again? Chasing down every little last thing on your to-do list is exhausting—especially for a strapped-for-time board member. Through the automation online property management provides, your to-do list will shrink exponentially. You’ll forget less because more is automatically handled.

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