Thorough HOA management does so much good for neighborhoods—from organizing community events, building community landmarks, fostering a community aesthetic, and more. But, what can an HOA do for the individual homeowner, you might ask? Can an organization that strives to put the needs of the many over the needs of the individual also benefit the individual in question?


Yes, it can; Gassen, Eden Prairie’s trusted provider of property management services, is here to explain how. Though HOAs should always put their communities first, many do so by providing smaller benefits to individual homeowners that add up to benefit the whole neighborhood. Discover these benefits below.

HOAs Foster Individual Financial Security

HOAs do charge fees for membership, yes—but those fees often go directly toward increasing or maintaining the property values in a neighborhood, which provides financial security. What these fees cover depends on the neighborhood, but some common HOA-managed services include the following:


●        Snowplowing

●        Lawn care (mowing, landscaping, ETC)

●        Exterior maintenance (siding repair, roofing repair, etc.)

●        Road care (repaving and repairs)

●        Security systems

●        Sanitation systems (i.e. trash removal)


It goes without saying that all of the above are major conveniences for the individual homeowner—after all, who wouldn’t love community-funded roofing repair? However, the benefits of HOAs are only secondary to the financial security these organizations give. By providing neighborhood maintenance services, HOAs ensure the neighborhood remains a sought-after place to live; demand for all the houses in said neighborhood increases, and individual homeowners reap the financial benefits should they choose to move. When the community benefits, individuals also benefit.

HOAs Increase the Quality of Life for Individuals

Either indirectly (through investing in accounting property management) or directly (through the construction of community conveniences), a well-run HOA makes any neighborhood a more pleasant, stress-free place to live. Individual families can reap the physical or mental benefits that come from spending time at a community pool, for example; the busy, strapped-for-cash homeowner can relax knowing his HOA can afford to take out his trash.


Individual luxuries and conveniences that come with an HOA, when implemented and managed correctly, also benefit the community.

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