Community: It’s how homeowners associations (HOAs) thrive. Fostering bonds and hosting events help bring groups of complete strangers together and turn them into neighbors.

It’s the magic of community that local property management services firms like Gassen bring to HOA management!

Still wondering why you should hire local property management services? Large conglomerates, you may reason, have more staff to get things done. And you may trust that big businesses have a proven track record of success.

Well, so do we. Over 40 years worth! Gassen is here to show you that our local business can do everything a big business can and more.

Read on to discover the benefits of hiring local when it comes to HOA management!

Local HOA Management Is Personal

Yes, large conglomerates have a multitude of staff members to work on any given issue. However, because so many people work for these firms, the personal connection you have with them – the sense of community that’s so important in the HOA industry – can quickly fall to the wayside.

Gassen is much more personable. In fact, we get to know your HOA 60 days before we assign a property manager to your board. We want to make sure the personality of our staff meshes well with that of your community and your plans for growth; personal connection is paramount to us.

Furthermore, the large amount of staff that national conglomerates have can mire boards in bureaucracy, making getting anything done impossible. Local companies like us, in contrast, are often streamlined, responsive, and agile.

In fact, with Gassen, you can even schedule an appointment to meet directly with the company’s owner. You won’t find that level of personal attention in any other HOA management or accounting property management company.

Local HOA Management Has Connections

One of the most convenient features of a local HOA management company is how well connected we are. Since Gassen is located in the Twin Cities, we have developed productive partnerships with numerous vendors throughout the metro and state.

So not only can we help your HOA write relevant regulations, we can help you find local vendors who will guarantee services for your residents, like snow removal, landscaping, and building renovations.

And some construction and maintenance services, we can do ourselves through our GCM Construction & Maintenance division.

With a local company, like Gassen, your HOA has access to countless services, either directly through us or through our many contacts. It really is that convenient.

Local HOA Management Is Individualized Through Innovation

Due to their streamlined nature, local HOA management firms like Gassen are often leaders in innovation. That is, trying new things such as online property management technology.

Because we have so many options and so many methods of management, we can easily tailor our services to your HOA’s individual needs.

A larger conglomerate, in contrast, may not be as forward-thinking or flexible.

Need Property Management Services? Contact Gassen Today!

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Or, you can message us on our contact page. We’d love to explore how we can help your community grow!