Money—we all need it. Some like talking about it, but nobody likes asking for it. Such is the case with HOA management and fee collection. Collecting fees can be a major thorn in board members’ sides, especially if fees are late and require disciplinary action or a personal confrontation.


The good news is that there’s a way to avoid the fee-collection problem altogether, and it’s through hiring an accounting property management firm like Gassen. We’ll take care of the enforcement procedures so your board can stop worrying about money and start worrying about the wellbeing of your community.


Besides easing board members’ monetary anxieties, what else can accounting property management do for an HOA? We explain why you should consider hiring our HOA management firm below.

Property Management Services Keep Morale High

If board members must constantly nag an individual to pay their dues, this can easily sow feelings of distaste within your organization. Yes, this is even the case if those fees do need to be paid and the board is completely within their rights to request them. Nobody likes to be constantly reminded of things.


Online property management technologies like Gassen’s create a barrier between the collector and the payee, removing much of the human element that causes resentment and drama, should that payee need to be reminded of their dues. Community morale stays higher, and your HOA will always have the monetary resources to focus on what really matters.

Accounting Property Management Stops Bitterness Before it Starts

Your board is busy enough without having to collect late payments. However, the longer these late payments go unchecked, the more you need to nag and the greater likelihood that drama will begin.


Gassen, as Eden Prairie’s premiere HOA management firm, stays on top of fee collection so seeds of drama never even reach the soil. When you hire us to manage your HOA’s finances, we make sure everything is efficient, timely, and orderly, meaning that late-payment incidents and the conflict they inspire will be things of the past.

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