The number one way homeowners association (HOA) management contributes to a community is through its maintenance of property values; it goes without saying. However, HOAs also have been known to bring communities together. They plan neighborhood events, construct public facilities such as parks and pools, and just generally inspire pride in a local community.


To an outsider, this entire situation can seem somewhat of a paradox. How can property management services, whose primary purpose is to collect fees and maintain community order, also be the thing that brings a community together?


The answer boils down to one word: selflessness. HOA members must put the needs of the community over their own wants, and only then can the aforementioned balance be maintained. Keeping this factor in mind, Gassen has provided structure and joy to countless communities and organizations throughout the years. Below, we give some tips on how to inject selflessness into your HOA to ensure its long-term success.

Never Elect Officials with Axes to Grind

Even if you partially use online property management, electing an official with vendettas is a shortcut to your HOA’s destruction. If a candidate’s goal by running for a seat on the board is to punish a neighbor, or to lord their position over the rest of the community, then that HOA position will do nothing but open the doors for drama and conflict.


Make sure that anyone elected to the board has purely selfless intentions—that is, their goal by volunteering as a board member is to benefit the community as a whole. Even the slightest bit of self-serving intentions can ruin not only the structure of your HOA, but the entire community itself.

Keep a Personal Connection

Focusing too much on accounting property management or other monetary concerns can lower community morale. Though HOAs function as powerful economic safety nets, they are nothing without the social bonds of the community that they govern.


Even if you invest much of the money you collect into physical community improvements (such as public parks), there are things you can do as an HOA member to foster interpersonal connections in your neighborhood. Volunteer days are always a popular and affordable choice, as well as cook-offs and holiday gatherings.


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