No matter where you come from, you’ve probably heard some perceived horror stories about homeowners associations (HOAs), or at least you’ve seen their representations in media. They’re portrayed as controlling organizations that are intolerant of individualism and will do absolutely anything to increase their neighborhood’s property values—even at the expense of their own communities.


At Gassen, we want you to know that this preconception cannot be further from the truth. An uncompassionate mentality is absent in a majority of HOAs, and an outsider can easily misread high standards as an enforcement of social conformity. We’ve worked in property management services for over 40 years; we can safely say that our customers always have the best interests of their communities at heart.


Below, we dive into some common stereotypes about HOA management systems and HOAs in general—and explain why these stereotypes are just that: stereotypes.

Stereotype: HOA Management Represses All Individuality


HOAs are by no means free to control every aspect of their communities; they are tightly regulated by state and federal laws. For example, under the Fair Housing Act, it is illegal to prohibit individuals from moving into or renting in a neighborhood on the basis of sex, religion, disability, race, nationality, or familial status. Should a HOA violate this act, it is subject to have severe charges pressed against it.


Furthermore, to make such a blanket statement as ‘all HOAs hinder individual expression’ fails to acknowledge the diversity in everything from the accounting property management services to the online property management technologies that HOAs use. All communities are individuals, and all HOAs use their powers in individual ways. It just isn’t fair to assume.

Stereotype: HOAs are Arrogant

Putting the needs of the community before one’s own wants is not arrogant, and that idea is, essentially, what a majority of HOAs operate from.


They are entities whose sole purposes are to strengthen both the social bonds and the economic standing of their communities as a whole at the expense of individual wants. These wants take the form of spending money that the HOA collects from its residents that otherwise would have gone toward superficial things. Again, all HOAs are individuals, but arrogance, systematically, has no place in HOA management.

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