Though to many people hoarding may simply seem like a nuisance to a neighborhood, people who hoard are under great psychological strain. It’s often a symptom of mental illness. Thus, if you are in the business of Homeowners Association (HOA) management, online property management, or real estate management, it’s crucial to view the hoarder less as a liability to the neighborhood and more so a person that needs medical help.


That said, it’s undeniable that a hoarder’s habits can drag down the mental health and happiness of a neighborhood. How do you gently encourage a hoarder to get the help they need? And how do you make sure the rest of the neighborhood stays happy while you do so? It’s a complicated balancing act, but Gassen is here to help guide you through it.

Validate Neighbors’ Voices

Healthy residents might not be the most compassionate while dealing with the neighborhood hoarder. To their credit, they have a right to a happy and healthy place to live, and a hoarding situation makes this difficult to achieve. Neighbors might voice their concerns to property management in unhelpfully rude ways, or they may ostracize the hoarder. These actions do nothing to resolve the situation, but instead, they create tension and further drag down the morale of the neighborhood.


It’s important to calmly let angry residents know you are taking action. Let them know the issue is currently being resolved and that you’re glad to listen to any other concerns they may have. As stated above, these people have rights under property management services to a happy, healthy place to live, just as much as the hoarder does.

Gently Confront The Hoarder

Consider, as a first step, sending a letter to the hoarder. As upset as you may be with them, make sure to calmly state the HOA bylaws they are in violation of. On some level, many hoarders are often ashamed of their behavior; behaving in a confrontational way will not help anyone.


If this action does not work, consider asking a concerned friend or family member of the hoarder to speak with them in person. You might offer to help find them medical help, or help find storage solutions for their excess belongings.

Help with Property Management Services

If the situation is still giving you trouble, contact Gassen for help. We’re an HOA management firm in Eden Prairie, Minnesota; we’ll help you get your community back in harmony. To find out more about our how we can help you with your property management needs, call us today at 952-922-5575, or you can message us on our contact page.