Disagreements are a fact of life—no matter the situation. Families fight, employees argue, and even complete strangers can get into road-rage battles in rush hour traffic. As human beings, we must learn to mediate and compromise, lest organized society fall apart.


But how does one do this—mediate and compromise—in a homeowners association (HOA)? When multiple members feel the wellbeing of the community is at stake, tempers can quickly flare. The purpose of an HOA is to ensure a higher quality of living for everyone involved; how, then, is HOA management to make sure every individual community member is satisfied when they may hold opposing opinions?


Gassen is here to advise. We deal in property management services and are experts at taming communities that have fallen into argumentative squaller.


Make sure Community Members Understand Regulations

Oftentimes, disagreements stem from a simple misunderstanding of preexisting rules or regulations. For example, an HOA member might feel they do not need to maintain their lawn a certain way, simply because they are unaware of the community rule that governs lawn care. They might be perfectly willing to take better care of their lawn should someone point out mutually agreed-upon community rules. Informing two disagreeing parties of existing regulations can stop a fight before it starts. Should a disagreement break out, the first step is always to consult the rulebook!


It’s the HOA management’s duty to ensure that rules are clear, accessible, and easy to follow. How do you expect a community to organize itself if its members are unaware of how to do so? Online property management technologies can facilitate a greater understanding of local regulations and can also provide a place for quick rulebook consultation, should a resident have a straightforward question.

What if There is no Pre-existing Rule?

So you’ve whipped out the rulebook, but it says nothing about this particular disagreement. Now what do you do?


The answer is simple: you do the best thing for the community. Unless one party’s physical or mental health will be greatly impacted otherwise, facilitate the decision that will benefit the most people. Making a chart with pros and cons listed out next to each other can help both parties see the repercussions of their standpoints, and also can help HOA management make the final call.

Can’t Solve a Disagreement? Gassen can Help

Gassen is a property management service based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. We’re well-versed in everything from accounting property management to more general HOA management; we can help you bring your HOA into harmony once more. To find out more about our how we can help you with your property management needs, call us today at 952-922-5575, or you can message us on our contact page.