A Board President of one of the properties we manage wrote the following letter of recommendation to a colleague about Gassen. Thank you so much for your kind words, Bob!

I’ve been on the Autumn Ridge board for nearly 12 years and its president for 6 or 8. All during this period, we’ve had Gassen. Before that time and before I lived there, the association had another management company whose period ended with something financially troubling – though I don’t think any charges were ever filed. With Gassen, there has never been a hint of impropriety.


  • Fully professional and of highest ethical behavior.
  • Wonderfully organized regarding the myriad details they must deal with and then including this in the monthly management report for board oversight.
  • Organizing and giving structure for running efficient board meetings – that get at key matters and make good decisions regarding them.
  • They’ve been invaluable in helping to find professionals for lawn & snow; tree care; installing an irrigation system; concrete; water remediation (intrusion); legal and others.
  • They solicit feedback on their property managers as a higher management function – to keep everything on track.
  • They offer or help connect board members to items of educational value when it comes to property management or changes in the law related to associations.
  • They have saved us many tens of thousands of dollars in one project alone – our irrigation system installation – because of their contact network and systematic evaluation of vendors.
  • They are worth every penny of the management fee – simply a bargain for what we get from Gassen.

Not that there may not be other property management companies as good, but I consider Gassen superb – and see not a single thing I could recommend for their improvement.

Only yesterday morning did I start the day by calling our property manager to thank her for how easy she makes my job because of the excellent work she does – simply a joy to work with.

Good luck with your decision. Please do let me know if you decide in favor of Gassen Management.

Bob, Board President