Whether you own your own condo or are in charge of maintaining an entire building of them, regular building inspections are needed to ensure that every unit meets the current building safety codes.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common safety code violations that occur in condominiums.

1. Fire Codes

Not only is fire safety one of the most common code violations present in condos - but it is also one of the most dangerous. Failure to adhere to building fire codes can lead to fatalities, thus, destroy your condo's reputation and possibly lead to multiple lawsuits.


Common code violations include:


●        Outdated smoke detectors

●        Malfunctioning fire alarm systems

●        Blocked entryways and hallways

●        Outdated fire escape plan

2. Pool Codes

Pools are also potentially dangerous areas where children, animals, and adults can drown. Since pools are often operated under a swim at your own risk policy, you need to take additional precautions to make the pool safe.


Common code violations include:


●        Gates with no codes or locks

●        Pool water that is not clear due to lack of cleaning

●        No warning signage

●        No clear pool rules or pool usage hours

●        Gaps or breaks in fencing

●        In some cases, the lack of paid or voluntary supervision

3. Steps and Railings

While it may seem that steps and railings are designated for the elderly or those with disabilities (they are), railings do protect everyone. Railings can eliminate falls and provide support when someone needs an object to lean on while ascending or descending stairs.


Common code violations include:


●        Providing no railing

●        Damaged or weak railing that does not provide adequate support

●        Railings that are too high or too low

●        Railings that do not offer enough hand clearance from the wall

4. Permits

Failure to carry a permit for work being performed on the property is among the lead code violations for condo owners. The main reason for this is because many owners are not aware that they need permits for certain projects.


Common code violations include:


●        Construction projects

●        Structural renovations

●        Building or grounds additions

●        Massive systems repairs such as plumbing or electrical systems

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