By working with numerous property owners across Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gassen has learned the value of ongoing property inspections. Whether you own a condominium, or apartment complex, a property inspection can help you protect your investments and ensure tenant safety.


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When Should a Property Manager Inspect Your Property?

When a Tenant Moves In

Property managers refer to this as a move-in inspection. A property manager should perform an inspection every time a new tenant moves so that both the manager and the tenant can document any issues together.


The manager should record any problems and address them immediately. Failure to do so could create a hazardous living condition for the tenants.

When a Tenant Moves Out

A move-out inspection occurs when the tenant is moving out of the property. Both the manager and the tenant can confirm that the condition of the property is acceptable upon moving out.


If there are any issues with the property, you can address them on the spot and document the specific problem. If a tenant knows that a property manager is conducting an exit inspection, they may be more likely to take off if they know there will be penalties for damage.

Routine Maintenance or Repair

A routine inspection is critical for both the protection of the property and the safety of the occupants. A routine inspection involves more than a quick cosmetic check or a visit with the tenant to look around.


The manager looks for any issues that need to be taken care of right away. Inspections may include assessing structural damages, checking electrical, plumbing, or AC systems, a walk around the outside of the property, or any problems that the tenant is experiencing. It is a good idea to inform the tenant that inspections are for their benefit. A property check keeps the tenant satisfied.


An inspection also helps the manager discover any breaches in the contract such as damage caused by the tenant, unauthorized occupants, or any illegal activity. By assessing the property, the owner may also avoid costly repairs down the road.


Checking the property is mutually beneficial for both the tenant and the property owner.

Reasonable Suspicion

In some cases, a property manager may have cause for inspecting a property when suspicions arise about tenant behavior or care for the property. Property management companies must adhere to state laws when conducting investigations.


Regardless of the reason for entry, the manager or owner must inform the tenant in advance that they are arriving at the property. The only time a landlord does not have to give notice is during an emergency, or there is confirmed illegal activity is occurring on the property.


If you are an owner, check with your property management company to find out what your rights are as a property owner.

Property Management Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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