Being a board member in your HOA can be very rewarding, but it also has its challenges. Board members do not always agree, each resident has different needs and concerns, and not to mention creating and sticking to a budget isn’t always easy.


With so many moving parts, how can you know for sure if your HOA is successful? Every HOA is unique — as is every volunteer’s background — so success may look different to each one. However, there are some common elements that all successful HOAs share.

 1. Establish a Roadmap for Success

To lead your organization, you must first know where you are going. If you provide no direction, you will quickly discover that the organization will crumble and turn into chaos. HOA members admire board members who cast a clear vision and demonstrate strong leadership skills. 

2. Demonstrate a Sincere Interest in the Members

Your purpose for leading the HOA is to care about the concerns and needs of each member within the organization. The members are likely to respect your position and follow your lead if they are convinced you to care for them.

3. Build a Volunteer Army

The success or failure of your organization depends on your ability to delegate. Real leaders do not handle all the responsibilities and then pat themselves on the back. Instead, true leaders delegate responsibilities to the volunteers and then provide direction.


A great place to start is by aligning responsibilities with abilities. Make a list of all the duties that need to be carried out, and then find the person who can best fulfill those duties.

4. Work Cooperatively

Whether you are on your HOA board or a committee, members are bound to have different opinions — and that’s a good thing! Having a variety of perspectives can be a valuable way to come up with creative options. Despite any disagreements, you are all there for one purpose: to make your community the best it can be. If you keep this in mind, you will be able to overcome your differences to achieve your common goal.

5. Make Firm, Unrushed Decisions

There is a solution to every issue that arises in your organization. The ability to find that solution and make a decision often rests on our shoulders or those of your fellow board members.


Every decision should be discussed, weighed heavily, and carried out with confidence. Soliciting opinions from your members may be necessary. The members of your organization, however, are depending on your leadership. Therefore, do not be afraid to make the hard decision.

6. Stay On Top of Business Matters

An HOA is a corporation and should be treated as such. As a board member you will execute a wide range of financial duties including maintaining a budget, completing a reserve study, handling cash flow, developing long and short-term financial goals, taking care of maintenance and repairs, You will submit a full disclosure of all the aforementioned to your organization, governing authorities and any other relevant entities.


Rather than tackling all these responsibilities, you may want to partner with an HOA management company like Gassen. Our HOA experts can help you with accounting, record keeping, maintenance, regulations, and other aspects of your organization that are business-related. By hiring a third-party, you can avoid legal entanglements and other financial issues that arise in an HOA.

HOA Management Services in Minneapolis

If you are looking for an HOA management company to help you with your HOA, then contact Gassen. We offer complete property and organizational management for property owners and homeowners associations. We also provide real estate listing services.


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