When looking for reputable contractors or vendors to perform maintenance and repairs on your condo, apartment, or rental home, who do you trust to do quality work at a fair price? Contractors must perform their job according to industry standards and state and local building codes. Failure to hire certified, dependable vendors can pose health and safety risks to your tenants.


Gassen property management services can help you find reliable, state-certified vendors through our preferred vendor list. We can help you avoid potential problems that arise when you don’t know who you are hiring.


We cover some of these risks below. If you

You are Legally Responsible for Your Property

Housing code violations can cost you money in repairs, fines, and other penalties that you didn’t see coming. In many cases, building code infractions can result from improper construction, repairs, or maintenance that did not adhere to city and state codes.


When a violation occurs, you will be held responsible for the legal ramifications. Building inspectors will check your facility for safety or health issues that arise. A strike against your record could hurt reputation as a responsible property owner.

You Could Waste A Lot of Money

Even certified contractors do not always perform maintenance or repairs according to industry standards. They may take shortcuts to reduce maintenance and repair costs to increase their bottom line.


While hiring a cheap company to perform work on your property may quickly solve a problem and save you money on the front end, it could come back to hurt you financially if you have to hire someone else to correct the work.

You May Be Paying Too Much for Property Maintenance

The value of a contractor’s services reflects the amount they charge for the work they perform. Even so, some companies overcharge for the maintenance they provide for housing facilities. If you don’t know what the current rate is for a particular service, you may be paying too much. Thus, your operating expenses are eating into your budget each month.


The only way to know what the value of maintenance or repairs is on your property is to research the standard rates in your area. Most property owners do not have the time to do the extensive research. Therefore, contractors can often charge what they want, and the owner will pay for it. This is why a local property management company is valuable.

Your Tenants Are At Risk

There are potentially two main risks that tenants face when a contractor performs repairs on a property. The first risk is safety. If a vendor fails to repair or maintain the property correctly, tenants can suffer personal injury from slips and falls, poor lighting, damaged property, or health issues.


The second risk is the sheer frustration that tenants feel when they have to call you, the property owner, and complain the job wasn’t completed as it should be. Tenants have little patience for unresolved property issues. They want to know that they can depend on you to meet their needs efficiently. Poor maintenance and repairs can create stress in a tenant-owner relationship.

The Solution: Gassen’s Preferred Vendor List

If you are trying to secure dependable, certified contractors in Minneapolis, Minnesota, then utilize Gassen’s preferred vendor list. We have already screened and hired the companies for you. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you can trust the people who work on your property.


To find out more about our preferred vendors and property management services, contact us for a consultation. You can call us at 952-922-5575, or you can message us on our contact page.