Although leadership can be instilled, sharpened, and refined, some people are just natural born leadership. Take those skills and put them in the right environment, and they will lead an organization to a higher level.


Even the most gifted leaders, however, will face unique challenges when taking the helm in a homeowners association. Like any organization, however, natural born leaders will feel a sense of responsibility for the community in which they live. They’ll do what they need to take the organization from surviving to thriving.


Gassen works with many of these leaders every day through our property management services. Through all the successes and failures, quality leadership still stand out. Below are some of those universal qualities that effective board members and administrators share.

Leaders Learn the Ropes...and Learn Them Well

Leaders quickly identify what they don’t know, and gradually move toward an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the various aspect of an HOA. They bother to learn the specific obligations and responsibilities associated with an HOA.


The good news is that there is an abundance of online resources available for HOA board members. Many of their questions can be answered on the Internet. A great resource to start out with is the Community Association Institute. Their website provides tutorials and webinars for those stepping into HOA leadership for the first time. 



Gassen property managers can also provide insight and education for those in HOA administration.

Leaders Understand the Value of Teamwork

True leaders don’t do everything themselves. In fact, they may actually do less than some other members. What makes leaders effective is the ability to build a team and delegate responsibilities without putting too much of a burden on any single person.


HOA board members scout the talented individual in the organization, give that person a duty, and then provide direction and the tools necessary to carry it out. Leaders also solicit feedback from the members of the HOA. While some issues require executive action, other decisions are made by the association. Successful HOA leaders understand and embrace diversity. By taking quick action when necessary and asking for a consensus on issues that are not issues, the administration earns trust while instilling a sense of teamwork within the community.

Leaders are Fiscally Responsible

An issue that often plagues HOA boards is dealing with money matters transparently and responsibly. Money matters seem to creep into almost every facet of an HOA. Therefore, leadership has to stay on top of the finances. This includes accurate bookkeeping, accounting, bills, expenses, HOA dues, and an assortment of other financial issues.


If board members fail to handle finances responsibly, the entire organization will suffer. Professional property management and accounting services can assist leadership in every area of money management. By hiring a property management company, HOA boards can focus on other affairs within the organization.


Leadership must also be transparent with the records. Whether meeting with the local property management company on a regular basis, submitting budget reports, or providing information with other agencies, boards must offer full disclosure of the financial statements when necessary. All updates must be accurate and timely to foster healthy relationships and trust with the rest of the association. Accountability is a core characteristic of any board.

Leaders Provide Opportunities for Community Involvement

HOAs exist to create a sense of community and belonging within a neighborhood. Everyone plays their part to make sure that everyone else is taken care of. The best way to create this type of awareness is to look for ways to get the entire community involved and then encourage everyone to participate in events and activities.


There are lots of opportunities for this type of interaction between the HOA board and the members. When you meet with others on the golf course, during HOA meetings, at the poolside, or in passing, you can take a moment to encourage others to be a part of the group. Most members are willing to help out and be a part of what is going on if you simply ask them to. Also, stress the importance of every opportunity. Members want to know why something is important, not just that it exists.

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