As a homeowner or renter, you play a vital role in the life and health of an HOA. You are both a member of a thriving community and a beneficiary of a wide range of amenities and facilities. Therefore, you will have lots of opportunities to participate in activities and volunteer in community events.


You eventually be asked to serve on the HOA board, while this voluntary role may present some challenges and headaches from time to time, there are several reasons why you should consider being a board member and lending your leadership skills.

1. You Have What it Takes

Although some people are taught leadership, others possess it naturally.  Whether you were trained to be a leader or were born to be a leader, you may have what it takes to lead your organization. As a board member, you can add value to the association, while providing direction and casting a vision.

2. HOAs Need a Problem Solver

Like any other organization, HOAs are filled with conflict, challenges, and hurdles that can hurt the vitality of the community. Issues need to be addressed by level-headed people who can find solutions instead of dwelling on the problems. You may be able to see the angle in every problem that other HOA members fail to see. By working with your local property management company you can provide answers to the toughest challenges.

3. Set a Higher Standard

Have you recently noticed that things are falling apart in the association? Is there lack of excitement or unity? Do the members no longer feel the need to move forward? You may be the person who sets high expectations that others will aspire to rise to. You may notice where standards need to be raised so that everyone will commit to excellence in all areas.

4. Legal Accountability

Due to the nature of the organization, HOAs must adhere to strict laws and regulations. Someone has to have knowledge of all covenants, conditions, and restrictions as they apply to Minnesota state laws. Failure to stay current with these mandates could result in fines, penalties, or closure of the organization.

5. Promote Recreational Activities

HOAs should be fun. Recreation is at the heart of an association. Fun activities promote healthy relationships, foster unity, and give people motivation for being in the organization. Work with your neighbors to come up with fun events that both adults and kids can participate in. You can be the organizer who brings it all together. It’s a built-in perk of the position.

6. You’ll Learn a Lot

No matter how refined your leadership skills are, HOAs offer a unique learning experience. You’ll work with a team to meet goals and objectives. You’ll find that others share your values and interests. You’ll also take on responsibilities that you may not find anywhere else.


One of the most important lessons you’ll learn is to value the opinions, thoughts, and feelings of others. HOAs also give you a unique perspective on building relationships with your neighbors - something that is becoming more rare in communities.

7. Serve Your Community

The term ‘community service’ often carries a negative connotation. In an HOA setting, however, community service garners respect and admiration from your friends and neighbors. When people see you step into a leadership role, they see you as someone valuable to their organization. Being a board member allows you to give back to your community, not just take advantage of the benefits.

HOA Management Service From Gassen

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