Creating a newsletter for your Homeowner Association is a great idea, no matter how big or small your community! A newsletter is a great way to keep your homeowners and residents informed and can facilitate a feeling of close-knit togetherness. However, deciding what to put in a newsletter and finding the time to put one together are two very common hurdles to making it happen.

Here are some ideas that will help you quickly and easily put together a newsletter for your HOA community!


If you have a large HOA community or are located in a city with a lot happening, it’s possible that you’ll have enough content to publish a newsletter every month. Go with a more realistic goal of every other month, or even every quarter!


In terms of design, layout and content, keeping it simple will be your ally.  A simple layout with your Association name, and a little color and design with your content will do.


Here are some ideas for topics to include in your newsletter. Especially if you’re organized, grabbing and writing content for your newsletter will be a fairly simple process.

  • HOA Community Events – Do you have events in your Association community? If you don’t have scheduled events like get-togethers in common areas or community barbeques, you can point out important dates such as when the pool opens for the summer or closes in the fall, dates certain maintenance on the property will happen, or the summer mowing schedule.
  • City/Town Events – Keep your HOA community informed about what’s going on around them. Find a local website that lists events and grab some of those for your newsletter. Easy!
  • Rule Reminders – Remind community members of important rules that have either been recently broken or asked about, or are appropriate for the upcoming season. For instance, if winter is soon arriving, remind members of snow plow parking rules, whether or not holiday decorations are allowed and where, and when to expect sidewalks to be shoveled.
  • Maintenance Tips – If your HOA community’s owners are responsible for much of their own maintenance, give them some tips such as how to fix a leaking faucet or how to troubleshoot a dishwasher that’s not working as expected.
  • A Greeting from a Board Member – Hearing from a member of the Board of Directors can help members of the community feel connected and represented. Just a quick note about how things are going on the HOA business side of things. Simply saying hello is a great idea.
  • A Seasonal Recipe or Game – Including something fun like a recipe or Sudoku puzzle might just add a little element of fun to your newsletter.