According to Zilpy, rental properties experienced an average of 1.9% in the Twin Cities metro area. These figures applied to rental houses that offer up to four bedrooms. This is a 5% increase over 2017.


Although apartments have not increased as much, they have held steady with apartment and condo owners enjoying a healthy market. New marketing trends bring new design trends that are attracting to renters.


Which design trends are you embracing? Gassen stays current with design rental trends. We can meet with you to help you decide which trends will give the highest ROI. Call us today and let us help you with our comprehensive property management services.


Trend #1: Out With The Plain Walls, In With the Color


The top rental property trend that seemed to last for eons is finally seeing it’s better days - at least for now. Renters are no longer settling for the off-white walls that once appealed to them.


Color is in fashion - and not just any color. Rather, lots of colors, bolder color, and a variety of colors. Where at the hottest trends? Somber, desaturated across the reach across the spectrum, as well as violet, deep purple, and presages. That’s just the tip of the rampant color rainbow.


Trend #2: Weaved and Caned Furniture


Hailing from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia weaved furniture has come back in a big way. Apartment and high-end home property owners are not only purchasing new caned furniture but also remodeling their old furniture.


Renters prefer furniture that is textured, clean, and lightweight all at the same time. Once relegated to coastal towns, caned furniture is catching on across the states including the Midwest.


Trend #3: The Retro 70’s Look - Minus the Wood Paneling


It all started about ten years ago. Musicians, fashion designers, and club owners all embraced the golden age of the 70’s. A decade later, the retro look has caught on with interior designers and property owners. Renters are really digging the earthy colors, wood tones, and olive-laden decor. Careful though, this trend is not bound to stick around forever. Don’t take your interior to the max!


Trend #4: Modernism in All Its Forms


The term Modernism means different things to different people. In 2018 modern designers are decking the interiors with wood furniture and cabinets, Terrazzo prints and flooring, and Italian materials.


What ties all of these styles together is the trend toward a more sophisticated style that appeals to discerning renters. The good news is that modern designs can outlast more extreme trends. They still provide a timeless look that appeals to a wide range of tastes.


Trend #5: Real House Plants


There’s nothing new about houseplants. They have appealed to renters for decades. Houseplants, however, are more popular than ever. But not just any plants will do. Today’s renters prefer succulents, herbs, and ivy plants.


Plants are both an aesthetic and healthy addition to your property. They boost oxygen levels and reduce the carbon footprint of fake plants. Make sure you add as many plants inside as you do outside.


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