Nearly 25 percent of today’s homeowners live in some type of managed community. HOA communities are attractive options for buyers because they know they have protection for their real estate investments. In a neighborhood where everyone is subject to rules and regulations, property owners can rest assured that their community will be well-managed. They can also take advantage of conflict mediation services and benefit from regular maintenance that doesn’t exist in unmanaged communities.


While there are obvious benefits to living in an HOA community, there are specific attributes that today’s homeowners are searching for. What are they? Gassen discusses them below.


Competent and Unbiased Management

Homeowners purchase property in HOA communities because they are looking for attentive management. In professionally managed properties, maintenance work, conflicts, and grievances can be taken care of promptly. If community residents are solely managing an HOA, concerns can often fall by the wayside.


Not only that, but residents can often bring unnecessary drama and politics into community management. Professional and competent management is an attractive feature of an HOA because residents can rest assured their issues will be taken care of in a timely manner.


Financial Health

One of the greatest concerns of today’s homeowners is the financial health of the HOA. Individuals considering a purchase in a managed community may be curious to know what the community’s financial plan is.


Homeowners desire an HOA that has saved enough money to offset regular and unforeseen maintenance costs and make regular community improvements. No one enjoys having to pay for expensive surprises, which makes adequate funding and proper resource allocation very attractive to homeowners.


Regular Maintenance

Real estate is an investment, and an HOA should help protect the value of that investment. Homeowners are looking for a community that is well kept and undergoes regularly scheduled maintenance. When individuals are looking to purchase in an HOA, they’ll be looking for a number of telltale signs such as:


●        The condition of paint and siding

●        Roof conditions

●        The condition of sidewalks, roads, and driveways

●        Proper grading to prevent flooding

●        Well-maintained amenities including pools, tennis courts, and clubhouses


A good HOA should uphold rules and regulations that require regular maintenance on the aforementioned items. Depending on the condition of properties and amenities, buyers can determine how well the HOA allocates funding and upholds community standards.


Your Property Management Solution in the Twin Cities

Homeowners have high standards for their HOA, and Gassen can help you achieve excellence. If you’re managing an HOA and need competent and experienced property management, we are here to serve you. We specialize in online HOA management to help you run your community smoothly and efficiently.


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