Although, you may be tempted to hire an unlicensed contractor to save time or money, doing so could cause significant problems long after they complete the work. Your best option is to hire a reputable contractor that adheres to Minnesota state regulations and codes for building contractors.


Are you looking to hire a contractor to perform repairs or maintenance on your property? Gassen can help you find a licensed and experienced contractor in the Twin Cities through our preferred vendor list.


Why You Should Choose a Licensed, Professional Contractor

A contractor who does not follow Minnesota state guidelines or procedures for securing a professional license cannot be trusted to perform a job according to industry standards. Thus, you should only hire contractors who are operating their business within the law. A contractor who is performing repairs or maintenance legally will be accountable to you in case the work is not satisfactory or creates unsafe conditions.


Why Should a Minneapolis Contractor Carry Liability Insurance?

There are three claims that liability insurance companies in Minnesota will cover: 1) damages, 2) injury claims, and 3) job completion. If damage or personal injury occurs as a result of contractor negligence, you may have to cover the costs if the contractor is uninsured. Let’s take a closer look:


1.      Damage claims: The contractor’s insurance will cover any damage to your property or anyone else’s property that may occur while the worker is performing the job.

2.      Injury claims: Liability insurance will cover the cost of any injury or death that may occur on the job site. The insurance company will cover medical expenses, funeral cost, and any court awarded judgments that may incur. This claim is not the same as a worker’s compensation.

3.      Job completion: If an insured contractor does not meet the standards laid out in the job contract, their insurance company will pay for the mistakes to be fixed to meet the standards of the contract.


Worker’s Compensation

Before agreeing to hire a contractor, you need to ensure that the company carries worker’s compensation. If the company doesn’t carry workers compensation, you may be liable for worker injuries or fatalities on the job. Even if your insurance company covers some of the damages or medical expenses, you may still be responsible for additional expenses. You could end up paying thousands of dollars for medical treatment.



Property Management in Twin Cities, Minnesota

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