Whether you are a property owner or HOA Board, trying to decide if you should allow pets in your residential community can be a difficult decision. Gassen can help you weigh the pros and cons from a financial standpoint as well as provide management and accounting services to accommodate new pets. Below are some factors to help you decide if allowing pets on the premises is a good idea for you.


1. Pets Can Attract More Residents

By making your properties pet-friendly you can attract more residents to live in your community.

Property owners and HOAs in the Minneapolis area are adding new facilities for animals such as dog wash stations, enclosed dog parks, and even daycare services. Providing these amenities for residents has increased property values as well as sparked interest from prospective renters.


2. Pet Fees Will Compensate Property Maintenance Expenses

Since it is hard to locate a residence that will allow pets, residents are grateful when they secure a place to live that allows them to bring their family pets. To compensate for any wear and tear that can occur on the property, you may want to add a monthly pet fee to the rent. Tenants and HOA members who are pet owners are usually willing to pay more to have their four-legged family members by their sides.


3. Pet Owners can be Responsible Residents

Before approving a resident and their pet for occupancy, meet the owner and pet in person. If the pet is well groomed and cared for, you will be able to tell by the pet’s appearance and behavior. A person who is willing to spend the time and money on taking care of a pet will most likely be a great fit for your property. This can mean having occupants that will pay on time and take care of your property.


4. Extra Insurance for Pets

Before allowing residents to have pets on the premises check with your insurance company to make sure that your policy will allow pets. Your insurance company may have breed restrictions or even charge you more of a premium for covering pets. It is also good practice to have the resident obtain pet insurance in case the animal should bite or injure someone on the property.


Local Property Management in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Let Gassen help you decide if allowing pets in your residential community is the right decision for you. We know the rules for pets in the Twin Cities area and can benefit everyone involved. We offer service with property management and HOAs. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you. You can call us at 952-922-5575, or you can message us on our contact page.