There is a wide range of modern design trends that you should consider when upgrading your property. Gassen can help you through every stage of your upcoming project by creating a budget and keeping your accounting in the black. Here is a list of some of the hottest trends that we recommend to get you started on making your space inviting and unique.


1. More Shared Amenities, Less Space

It can be nice to have gyms, yoga studios, and community kitchens in cities where there are micro-apartments and shared living spaces. Tiny rental homes are trendy too. Many of the popular models are on large pieces of land with lots of outdoor space. Smaller units are more affordable. You may want to consider investing some of these small dwellings.


2. Homes Free of Contaminants

Make sure that your property is free of contaminants and other health threats. For instance, inspect your property for lead paint, radon, mold, and asbestos. This may already be required due to zoning codes in Minneapolis, Some clean air components you may want to add include:


●        Air filters

●        Water filters

●        Non-toxic paint

●        Rooftop gardens

●        Bicycle racks


3. Design and Features that are Environmentally Friendly

Prospective tenants are looking for living spaces that are sustainable, and eco-friendly to lessen their carbon footprint and reduce energy costs. What are they looking for?


●        Large windows

●        Window shades

●        Solar power

●        Smart thermostats

●        New insulation

●        Caulking around windows and doors


4. Automated Home Systems

In 2017, 45 percent of homeowners owned a smart home technology. The trend is continuing to climb. Here are some ideas for upgrading your property to include automated home systems. Things to include:

●        Smart Televisions

●        Smart speakers

●        Smart locks

●        Smart cameras


5. Natural Wood Flooring

Wide plank natural wood floors have been the most popular flooring trend for decades. Dark wood floors provide the perfect accent in any room setting. Gray wood floors give a neutral, modern look the modern homebuyers adore.


6. Natural Materials

While you're at it, natural wood stairways, cabinets, countertops, and shelving, are also timeless trends that enhance any interior setting. Granite, tile, and quartz are also ideal choices for the kitchen and bathrooms. Use neutral colors and natural grains and patterns. Neutral colors allow your tenants more flexibility in choosing their furniture and other accessories.


7. Keep it Simple

It's best to keep your overall room palette simple and straightforward. You could end up focusing too much on decorative details and creating a rigid atmosphere. Trends could change in a few years, and it could be a waste of your money and time if you don’t make long term design decisions.


8. Additional Storage Space is Always a Selling Point

You’ll definitely want to provide plenty of storage space in the kitchen and bathrooms. It is also a good idea to provide storage space for books, photos, and your tenant’s decorative items. Adding shelving to a blank wall could be the perfect way to achieve this. This is especially true in areas where the tiny house movement has not taken off.


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