Hoarding is a growing problem in our Minneapolis communities. Knowing how to handle hoarders in you HOA neighborhood can be crucial for everyone. There are laws and guidelines for handling hoarders, and Gassen knows how to handle a hoarder in your HOA. We have the tools and resources to properly handle the situation. Let’s begin with a few things you can do when faced with a hoarder.


1. Federal Laws

Hoarding is considered a disability under the Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws. Thus, hoarders are protected under the Federal Fair Housing Act. This means there are specific steps you must take to be able to evict a hoarder from his or her home. You can begin by documenting the hoarding issue, communication, and what you have done to handle it thus far. Documentation you can provide includes pictures, videos, and notes to prove you took appropriate action against a hoarder.


2. Tips from Neighbors

Neighbors may voice concerns about a person who is hoarding. Send the owner or tenant a letter, letting them know they are in violation of the HOA bylaws. If there is not a problem, they will usually invite you in to see the area. However, if they refuse you access to the property, there is probably a need for concern. Keep in mind, you cannot enter the property without their permission, so seek help assistance from the local authorities. They may be able to help you gain access to the property.


3. Hazards of Hoarding

Hoarding can create safety and health hazards for homeowners, tenants, and neighbors. Keeping floor-to-ceiling piles of useless belongings can become a fire hazard. This will impede rescue personnel from doing their jobs in case of an emergency. Health hazards can become an issue for the occupants and neighbors as well. Hoarding will attract rodents that carry diseases to the area as well as develop trash and pollutants.


4. Inspections

Regular property inspections are needed to maintain any property to HOA and city standards. Utilize this time to inspect for hoarding, since you can’t just enter the premises without probable cause. You can schedule quarterly or annual inspections of sprinkler systems or fire detectors. Also, utilize code inspection authorities to check for hoarding.


5. Proceed with Caution

Since hoarding is considered mental disability by law, you will want to proceed with caution. When confronting the hoarder, invite his/her friend or family member to come with you. They will be able to intervene and help console the hoarder. Offer help for the hoarder. You could help them find a professional to deal with their psychological disorder, offer to help remove stuff from the residence, or offer storage space to house their belongings.


Managing Your HOA in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Knowing hoarding laws when dealing with hoarders is vital to running a successful HOA. Let Gassen deal with hoarders in your HOA in Eden Prairie, Minnesota the proper way. We provide property listing and HOA management services. Contact us today to schedule property management services including home inspections. Call us at 952-922-5575, or you can message us on our contact page.