There are many benefits to local property management companies. Real estate and property owners that use property local management companies build lasting business relationships while protecting their assets. Gassen provides professional, trustworthy experience in local property management in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, and Twin Cities. We appreciate our local property owners and work hard to earn their trust and their business.


Local Experience Protects From Illegal Activity

Local experienced management companies protect the real estate investments made by home and business owners. HOAs keep an eye on upgrades and maintenance and look out for legal issues that could hurt a property owner. Local property management is key to your success in without the risks that come national companies. We are here to help you by providing our local experience.


Fewer Occupant Evictions

Local property owners aren’t just concerned about protecting their land. They also want to build trusting business relationships with their tenants. Local management companies have easier access to information that allows them to vet potential renters. By hiring Gassen, you can work with our professionals to get quality tenants on the local level. This offers an advantage over working with a company hundreds of miles away.


Build Relationships in Your Neighborhood

Your neighbors are a big factor in the success of your community! Building strong relationships with other HOA volunteers is rewarding. It’s a necessary experience needed for creating a strong environment. Good neighbors keep an eye out for each other and can provide important information that is vital to a local management company.


Better Grasp of the Local Market

While it is possible for a national company to pull statistics and gather information on the real estate market, local companies see it in action every day. Gassen provides exceptional service to our clients because we know the real estate market right here in the Twin Cities. We understand how the market works and where the business resources are. No company far away can offer that type of personalized service or provide instant information when you need it.


Instant Service and Property Maintenance

When you need property repairs, financial reports, or need to meet with your management company, Gassen is right here to help you. You can instantly access or tools, service, or get in touch with our local contractors and vendors. You don’t have to feel the frustration that comes with trying to communicate with a national property management business. 


Gassen Offers Property Management in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, and Twin Cities

We love to match up our local property owners with local services! We pride ourselves on our experience with local real estate and rental management. Protect your investment with the most experienced local services on the market! Contact Gassen today for an initial consultation. Call us at 952-922-5575.