Do you own a condo, apartment, or residential property in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, or Twin Cities? If so, you don’t want to keep paying for it after you own it. Gassen provides trusted and experienced local property management service, that help property owners avoid business pitfalls. Below are eight property pitfalls that you can avoid by using our products and services.


1. Poor Tenants

Who wants to hear their least favorite music on full blast at three a.m.? We can screen and acquire quality tenants so that you never have to worry about what is going on in your property. Own property in a peaceful environment, get your rent money, and get it on time!


2. Setting Your Rent Too Low

Gassen can help you determine the level of rent that is appropriate for your property. Therefore, you get occupants that can pay the level of rent every month without fail. We can keep you from selling yourself short if your property is worth a higher rent.


3. Poor Maintenance

We have a list of contractors and vendors that provide quality service and exceptional products. We can maintain the property for you, so that you can run your business. A well-maintained property will attract high-level renters and buyers.


4. Unsupervised Property and Land

Cleaners, landscapers, security guards, valets, concierges, and similar staff need experienced management from a company that can supervise the work. We make sure that vacant land is kept safe and secure. Our real estate and rental management will provide you and your HOA with services tailored to your individual property.


5. Legal Matters

We can’t all be lawyers. Thankfully, our experts understand property and real estate laws that keep you and your property protected. If a legal issue ever arises, we can help you navigate through it.


6. Tax Concerns

Through our many accountant services, we can ensure that you do not fall into tax problems every April. Our team provides thorough and accurate accounting and record-keeping services.


7. Exceeding Your Budget

One of the most dangerous pitfalls of managing property is failing to maintain and keep an ongoing budget. Gassen specializes in budgeting and reserve studies so to keep you on track.


8. Losing Records

Our real estate and rental management team will keep your records in order. We will search for important documents as well as keep them on file. HOA information is at our fingertips and the tip of our tongue. Let us get your house in order!


Accounting and Record-Keeping Services in Minneapolis

From keeping records to keeping lawns, Gassen wants to be your trusted local property management. Whether you own a condo, apartment, or residential property, we are there for you and your HOA. We provide services in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, or Twin Cities. Contact us today for an initial consultation. You can call us at 952-922-5575, or you can message us on our contact page.