If you’re considering joining an HOA this year, you’re not alone. Every year hundreds of homeowners across the Twin Cities join HOAs and are experiencing new benefits every day. If you are currently managing an HOA and need professional help, Gassen provides experienced property management. We love working with HOAs. Here are 9 reasons why:


1. Nature Preservation

HOA members love beautifying the natural landscape around them. From front yards to street corners, members understand the value of well-maintained land.


2. High Community Standards

HOAs enforce regulations that ensure each member is keeping their property in good working condition and maintaining curb appeal. High community standards mean higher property values.


3. Less Government Involvement

HOA’s ‘take care of their own,’ so to speak, so that the government does not have to come in and provide oversight of facilities and properties. HOA members know how to monitor and protect their neighborhoods.


4. Financial Responsibility

HOA board members know what is at stake when it comes to managing the organization. That’s why they call on property management professionals such as Gassen to help them stay financially responsible.


5. A Worthy Investment

HOA members never have to worry about seeing a return on their investment. Gassen can help property owners and HOA board members protect the investment of everyone in the organization.


6. A Vested Interest

In addition to the financial investment, members are also genuinely concerned about issues such as code violations and crime. They care about these issues because they invest in the neighborhood.


7. Board Members are Neighbors

The reason HOA board members are successful is that they’re part of the community. They live in the same neighborhood as the other members, so they understand the concerns of everyone on the block.


8. Involvement and Participation

When we people are investing their time and money into an HOA, they’re more likely to participate in weekly and monthly activities. Entire families come out to engage in a wide range of events and activities.


9. Everyone Pitches In

Through HOAs, members can enjoy amenities that they may not be able to afford on their own. HOAs help pays for swimming pools, clubhouses, tennis courts, playgrounds, and golf courses. These are accessories the entire community gets access.


Property Management Service Available for Your HOA

If you’re in over your head with managing your HOA and you need a professional service to help you, contact Gassen. We provide experienced and reliable property management services for HOAs and property owners. Our services extend to organizations across Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Minnesota. Contact us today for an initial consultation - 952-922-5575.