2017-2018 Regulations for HOAs and property owners are pending as we speak. These regulations will affect how we manage your property as well as the relationship you have with your tenants and those in your HOA. Below is a summary of regulations that we may expect over the next 12 months. Gassen will monitor these regulations and keep you informed of any updates that you directly affect you. If you have any questions or need to make changes in your reserve study, budget, or policies in the upcoming year, please contact us. We can help.


Solar Energy

As it stands, there are no laws that prohibit the installation of solar energy in any homes in an HOA. Current regulations do allow you, the HOA board or property manager, to develop guidelines for solar energy installations. If you decide to create restrictions, you may require an application from any HOA members before an installation. Solar energy installation is considered a manufacturing modification. Thus, we can help you control the process.


Deck and Balcony Inspection

As property managers, we are required to perform at least one inspection for all decks and balconies on your properties by 2021 and every five years after that. This regulation goes into effect as of January 2018. You can choose the contractor to perform the inspection, or we can select a contractor on our vendor list. If you have not previously budgeted for this expenditure, we can help you add it to your reserve study and budget.


Disability Accommodations for Animals

As a local property management company in Minneapolis, we may be required to provide accommodations for animals that protect tenants or HOA members with disabilities. Any prospective tenant can request verification that we have these provisions or accommodations already set in place. The accommodations must be safe and reliable for larger pets such as seeing-eye dogs.


Annual Policy Statement

The new bill would require associations to distribute a yearly policy statement containing specific information to all HOA members or tenants 31 to 91 days before the fiscal year ends. Doing so would give all members the opportunity read the policies and make any necessary adjustments. Gassen can help you update your policies about property management, rentals, regulations, etc. if there are any gaps in your annual policy statement, we can help you fill them in.


Gassen Can Keep You on the Right Track in 2018

Whether you need to update your reserve study, need professional property management, or need help with your HOA, Gassen can help you work out all the details. We provide a wide range of service for property owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule an update for your reserve study or an initial consultation, contact us at 952-922-5575, or you can message us on our contact page. We can help you stay on the right track.