If your HOA is utilizing social media to build community and share information, then it’s important that you get off to a good start. Social media platforms are a highly effective tool for keeping everyone in touch and getting the word out about updates, upcoming events, and even weather alerts. We provide some tips below on how you can effectively and safely use social media for your HOA.


Share Your Real Estate Listings

Once we’ve listed your vacant properties on our website, you can share your listings on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will create more awareness for your listing and help you find more home buyers or renters. Monitor your posts regularly to see if they are generating any interest.


Create an HOA Group Page

Facebook allows users to create pages or groups that can be utilized by all members of the group. If you create an HOA page, then it allows you to narrow your focus to HOA members or a specific demographic. A Facebook group is a more interactive format that allows all the members of the HOA to post photos, create events, and share important information.


Keep it Professional

Refrain from posting any personal or private information to your HOA. You’ll also want to avoid posting anything that will have a negative effect on your association or its members. If you add new people to a new group page, then you should provide clearly stated guidelines for behavior on the page. You can use our Facebook page as a guide for what professional posts look like. Remember, when it comes to social media, your HOAs reputation is always on the line. Think through every post before sending it.


Are You Using LinkedIn?

If you want a less personal and more business-oriented social media format, then we recommend using LinkedIn. It is a great tool for networking, hiring, getting hired, and creating exposure for your HOA. LinkedIn has strict rules about posting items on your page or the newsfeed. It offers a more professional environment with lots of resources for homeowners associations. To see an example of what a page looks like, you can visit our LinkedIn page.


Gassen Can Manage Your HOA

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