Winters in Minneapolis, MN can be brutal. They are especially hard on homes, condos, and apartments. If you own real estate in this part of the country, then here are seven quick tips on how to prepare your properties for the cold season.


Hire a Property Manager

Managing a property can be a time-consuming and difficult task. We can help. By hiring Gassen Property Management, you can partner with professionals that can keep your property in good shape and filled with renters or buyers.


Connect with Contractors and Home Improvement Specialists

We have scoured the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area to find the most talented and dependable contractors.  By accessing our preferred vendor list, we can help you hire state licensed and certified companies that you can trust to keep those sidewalks cleared of snow all winter long.


Submit Work Orders Now

You can use our website to submit work orders for all maintenance and repairs on your property. The sooner you submit the order, the faster we can get you complete the job. Our online form is quick and easy to fill out.


Install Weather Stripping

Cold air can seep through door and window frames and create a cold environment inside your property. We can hire a contractor to perform an inspection of all your properties and then provide weather stripping to seal all openings.


Add More Insulation

A poorly insulated building can cost you money in energy bills each winter. We recommend having all your properties inspected for proper insulation. Start with the attic and then work your way down the walls and finally the flooring. Fill in all gaps in insulation and even add additional insulation where applicable.


Get an HVAC System Inspection and Upgrade

You owe it to your tenants to make sure they are comfortable and safe inside when it’s freezing outside. A complete inspection from a professional HVAC technician may reveal that your system needs some upgrades and maintenance.


Insulate All Outside Plumbing

Insulating your plumbing system is just as important as insulating the house. Start with all outside plumbing and then work your way to the inside of the house. You may also want to have your water heater inspected and insulated as well.


Gassen Can Help You Prepare for Winter

Gassen specializes in small and large-scale property management. From houses to condos we can ensure that your property is well taken care of throughout the winter and that your tenants are warm and safe. Call us today at 952-922-5575. We can start managing your property today!