At Gassen, we work hard every day to achieve excellence in every facet of our business. Below we list five habits that have helped us maintain longstanding success in our professional relationships.


1.      Automate As Many Processes as Possible
For Gassen managers to be successful, we have to distinguish what’s most important: spending time with our clients. Therefore we utilize technology to automate as many repetitive jobs as possible. This includes scheduling, billing, and performing certain tasks online. The more we allow automation to do our tasks for us, the more it allows us to devote our time to you.


2.      Utilize Technology
The team at Gassen is always looking for ways to work smarter and more efficiently. Therefore, we utilize technology as often as possible. From our online sites to social media, communication, and daily workload, we understand the role of technology in our company and how it can benefit our partnership with you.


3.      Digital Marketing
As print and hard copy marketing become more obsolete, we are finding new ways to promote your properties, online and in digital formats. This includes adding up-to-date information on real estate listings, social media sites, and websites. We find creative ways to get the word out about our business and yours. As we manage your properties we can give you suggestions on the best way to promote and market your HOA.


4.      Ongoing Communication
Effective and consistent communication is key to our success. We reach out to our clients every single day. We communicate through emails, phone calls, texts and one-on-one business meetings. We understand that strong communication builds trust, and therefore make every effort to connect with you in a timely and professional manner.

5.      People Always Come First
People are at the heart of what we do. We value each of our renters, buyers, HOA board members, and property owners. We are committed to staying friendly, helpful, and personable in every interaction that we have with you. We are here to listen to you and meet your needs every step of the way.


Choose Gassen for to Manage Your Properties

Gassen has a built a reputation in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota as a property management company you can trust. We have the knowledge and experience that it takes to work with property owners and HOAs of all sizes. We provide a wide range of services for each of our clients in order to meet your needs! Call us today at 952-922-5575 and discover how we can help you.