At Gassen, our entire focus is to RELATE to each client that we meet. We want to provide service of the highest quality in a manner that suits your specific needs. By relating to you, we can best find out what services and products that we offer will meet your exact specifications. Find out below what it means to RELATE to Gassen.



We understand the difference between hearing and listening. Therefore, every interaction we have with our clients is equally important. We give you 100% of our attention, seek to fulfill your request, return your phone calls and correspondence in a timely manner, and do more listening than talking.



Have you ever heard the saying, You Don't know what you don’t know? At Gassen, we don’t expect you to be the expert. That’s our job. We use our expertise, experience, and knowledge to help you manage your HOA or property more effectively. We’re here to answer your questions, give you friendly advice, and provide you with plenty of resources along the way.



We have built a reputation in the Twin Cities area as a company you can count on year after year. We strive to build and maintain long-term business relationships that help you build your HOA from the ground up. We are committed to seeing a project all the way through to completion. With Gassen, your most common question will always be, “What can we do next?”



Have you ever felt the frustration that came with sensing that your realtor was multi-tasking right in front of you? Not so with Gassen. Our meetings are sacred and focused. We wipe the desk clean, hold all calls, and give you the full attention you deserve the second you walk through the door. Every word you have to say is important, and we don’t want to miss a thing.



Nothing builds character and reputation like honesty. We have developed a culture of being transparent with our clients even during the cringe moments. We always tell you what you need to hear, because we are confident that it is in your best interest. We are also not above admitting mistakes from time to time. We want to earn your trust with every interaction.


Epic Experience

Mediocre is boring. Why not go all the way with Gassen? Tell us your ideas and your lofty goals for you HOA. We will work with you to make them happen. We love the big projects and want to work with the best clients. We don’t believe in half-hearted effort. Life is too short. If you want to dream, you can dream big with Gassen Real Estate & Rental Company.


If you are ready to partner with Gassen, then contact us today and let’s get started on your HOA project, your home rental, or your next listing. Call us at 952-922-5575 and request a quote for any of our services. We provide innovative solutions and exceptional service for home and business owners in the Twin Cities area!