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Homeowners Association

How to Handle Hail Damage on Your HOA Property

What should your HOA do after a hailstorm? Gassen Property Management can help you find a vendor, file your insurance claim, and manager your repairs. Contact us today for property management in Minneapolis.

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HOA Rule Development & Enforcement Guidelines

Both board members and homeowners have a responsibility to know the rules of an HOA and enforce them when necessary. Gassen offers complete property management in Minneapolis.

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5 Tips for Holding the Perfect HOA Board Meeting

To conduct a successful board meeting, members must have an agenda, limit the number of items on the agenda, and take good minutes. Gassen can help HOAs with our property management services in Minneapolis, MN.

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Understanding HOA Contractractual Agreements

HOA boards must address challenges and issues that arise due to conflicts between members and board members. Situations will arise in which members disagree about important issues. For this reason, HOAs and other organizations must draw up contracts to ensure that all members adhere to policies, procedures, and regulations.

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How Policy Enforcement is Beneficial for Everyone

One of the most important functions you can perform as a board member is to create policies for your HOA and then consistently enforce them. HOA regulations need to be adhered to by all members including the board members.

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How Living in an HOA Can Enhance Your Life

If you’re considering joining an HOA this year, you’re not alone. Every year, hundreds of homeowners across the Twin Cities experience the benefits of joining a homeowners organization.

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How to Handle AirBnB Issues in Your HOA

Home-sharing and short-term rentals have substantially increased over the last decade since websites like have come of age. Short-term rental services work by connecting people looking for places to stay for one to three nights with homeowners who are willing to rent their home or a section of their properties. The phenomenon is proven to be successful and does not look to go away at all. It’s also important to note that since it’s a free market with no industry standards, there are no government or organizational regulations placed upon it at this time.

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How Poor Communication Can Hurt Your HOA

Without proper management, communication issues can cripple an HOA and cause a broad spectrum of problems. For this reason, it is wise to hire a property management company, such as Gassen, to keep things organized and everyone informed.

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How HOA Rules & Regulations Can Affect Your Budget

Now that 2019 is underway, it’s time to enact the HOA policies you’ve set in place. What you’ll soon find out is how these policies will alter your reserve study. Although we’ve helped you update your reserve study this year, you’ll no doubt experience some surprises.

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Healthy and Safety Guidelines for HOAs

Did you know you can assess where the possible hazards are in your rentals by looking at your reserve study? If you can identify areas where safety is an issue, you can formulate a plan to prevent accidents before your new tenants move in.

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