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Homeowners Association

How to Help a Struggling Family in Your HOA Neighborhood

Property management services and online property management can help a struggling HOA member get back on their feet.

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Dealing with an HOA member whose House Violates Protocol

Hiring property management services and using online property management services can both be ways to help a wayward community member get back on track.

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A Property Management Company Defined

Property management services” can be a difficult phrase to understand, as they can encompass various services, such as online property management and real estate management. Let’s define that term.

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Who’s Who in an HOA?

If you’re a new homeowner in an HOA, we at Gassen understand that it all can be a little overwhelming; you might feel like a child starting a new school: a little excited, a little lonely, and most of all, lost. There are quite a few new rules you need to keep up with—rules your old neighborhood didn’t have in place.

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Summertime Landscaping Guidance for Your HOA

Whether you hire a contractor or make it a volunteer affair, summertime landscaping should always be a priority for your HOA. Colorful flowers and manicured lawns make property values soar—not to mention leave the air smelling fresh and sweet.

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How an HOA Benefits Individual Homeowners

Thorough HOA management does so much good for neighborhoods—from organizing community events, building community landmarks, fostering a community aesthetic, and more. But, what can an HOA do for the individual homeowner, you might ask? Can an organization that strives to put the needs of the many over the needs of the individual also benefit the individual in question?

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Why Hire Local for HOA Management?

Community: it’s how homeowners associations (HOAs) thrive. Fostering bonds, hosting events help bring groups of complete strangers together and turn them into neighbors. It’s the magic of community that local property management services firms like Gassen bring to HOA management.

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Why Hire a Company for Financial HOA Management?

Money—we all need it. Some like talking about it, but nobody likes asking for it. Such is the case with HOA management and fee collection. Collecting fees can be a major thorn in board members’ sides, especially if fees are late and require disciplinary action or a personal confrontation.

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How to Run a Selfless HOA

The number one way homeowners association (HOA) management contributes to a community is through its maintenance of property values; it goes without saying. However, HOAs also have been known to bring communities together. They plan neighborhood events, construct public facilities such as parks and pools, and just generally inspire pride in a local community.

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Addressing Common Misconceptions about HOAs

No matter where you come from, you’ve probably heard some perceived horror stories about homeowners associations (HOAs), or at least you’ve seen their representations in media. They’re portrayed as controlling organizations that are intolerant of individualism and will do absolutely anything to increase their neighborhood’s property values—even at the expense of their own communities.

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