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Preparing for Spring Landscaping

A property management services firm and provider of online property management explains what you can do to make spring landscaping a little easier: starting now.

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Using Social Media to your HOA’s Advantage

A homeowners association (HOA) management firm explains how to use social media to help build your community, as well as what’s best left to other forms of online property management.

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Joyous Holiday HOA Event Ideas

A property management services firm explains what your homeowners association (HOA) management can do to bring joy to everyone this holiday season.

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How to Improve Resident Satisfaction in Your HOA

A property management services firm discusses how homeowners associations (HOAs) can work to keep members happy through the use of HOA management services and accounting property management.

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How HOA Community Life is Better than Life in a Non-HOA Neighborhood

Well-run homeowners associations (HOAs), through the use of property management services and accounting property management services, set their neighborhoods apart from others.

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What Makes a Good HOA Board Member?

Proper HOA management brings tight social bonds and financial stability to neighborhoods everywhere—and it all starts with the board of directors (or the board, for short). These are community members who volunteer their time, through online property management or otherwise, to help the HOA make decisions that keep the community healthy and strong.

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What Does a Well-Managed HOA Bring to Your Neighborhood?

If you’re visiting a property management services website, you might already know what an HOA is: a governing body that has the legal power to maintain the public areas of any given neighborhood. You probably also know that HOAs set and enforce rules and regulations (known as Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, or CCRs for short), and that they also will collect mandatory dues that go solely towards the community; board members generally are volunteers.

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What Does a Properly Managed HOA Look Like?

On the surface, many HOA neighborhoods can look like effortless pinnacles of perfection. With well-manicured lawns, public amenities, and tight community bonds, it can seem as though that HOA has miraculously captured utopia in a bottle.

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How to Welcome Diversity into Your HOA

You’re no doubt aware of the Fair Housing Act (FHA); it prohibits housing providers such as HOAs from refusing to sell real estate to a person due to their race or gender, among other things.

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How to Know if Your Volunteer Board is Overstressed

HOA board members work hard: it’s common knowledge. From scheduling community event to collecting payments on time, their days are filled with chaos, and they don’t even get paid for it! While it’s wonderful to be hardworking, there can come a time wherein an HOA board bites off a little more than it can chew—a time in which a volunteer board becomes overwrought with responsibilities and could definitely use the help of property management services.

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