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How to Boost Your Reputation as a Property Owner

Your reputation as a business owner hinges on how well you develop your business relationships with your partners, vendors, and the public at large. Although your property management company can take care of aspects of your reputation, a lot of it depends on you.

6 Cool, Easy-to-Use Apps for Property Owners

Property owners can now take advantage of cool apps that they can use on their personal computers, tablets, or smartphones. Although these apps do not provide comprehensive tools that your Gassen property management company can, they’re still quite useful for your mobile lifestyle.

5 Design Trends for Rental Properties in 2018

Which design trends are you embracing? Gassen stays current with design rental trends. We can meet with you to help you decide which trends will give the highest ROI. Call us today and let us help you with our comprehensive property management services.

Why a Property Management Service Should Also Be Your Accountant

To maintain a well-run HOA, you need accurate and timely financial data. When it comes to making decisions for your community, monitoring your income and expenses is critical. At Gassen, we recognize the importance of meticulously-kept finances. That’s why we offer accounting services in addition to our property management solutions.

What Are Today’s Homeowners Looking for in an HOA?

Nearly 25 percent of today’s homeowners live in some type of managed community. HOA communities are attractive options for buyers because they know they have protection for their real estate investments. In a neighborhood where everyone is subject to rules and regulations, property owners can rest assured that their community will be well-managed. They can also take advantage of conflict mediation services and benefit from regular maintenance that doesn’t exist in unmanaged communities.

Behind on Property Maintenance? Here’s How You Can Catch Up

Regularly property maintenance is key to protecting the value of your real estate investments. When you fall behind, however, it may seem like playing catch up is an overwhelming task. At Gassen, we know how important it is that you keep your property in top condition. Not only does regular maintenance increase the value of your holdings, but it creates a space that you can be proud to call your own.

3 Tips for Listing Your Rental Property

When you list your rental property, you’re not just looking for the first potential tenant who finds your ad. You’re looking for the perfect tenant -- the one who will treat your property as if it were their own. Finding a great tenant isn’t just about pitching a sign in the front yard and waiting for someone to call you; it’s about intelligently marketing your property so the right eyes see it.

The Professional Guide to Preventing Late Payments

Getting tenants and HOA members to pay rent and dues on time can be quite stressful. There are systems that you can set up that can be beneficial to both parties for making timely payments. Gassen already has these systems in place to help you manage your property. Below are four tips that can help ensure that you receive payments on time.

The Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed and Uninsured Contractors

Although, you may be tempted to hire an unlicensed contractor to save time or money, doing so could cause significant problems long after they complete the work. Your best option is to hire a reputable contractor that adheres to Minnesota state regulations and codes for building contractors.

Pets or No Pets? 4 Considerations for Property Owners and HOAs

Whether you are a property owner or HOA Board, trying to decide if you should allow pets in your residential community can be a difficult decision. Gassen can help you weigh the pros and cons from a financial standpoint as well as provide management and accounting services to accommodate new pets. Below are some factors to help you decide if allowing pets on the premises is a good idea for you.