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Individual and associations from across Minnesota love Gassen. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read on for real testimonials from some of our clients and business affiliates.

"I want to take a moment and express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work Jordan has done…she spent her personal time attending our Association meetings. The skill and composure she displayed was well beyond what would be expected of someone her young age. I simply cannot state how impressed I am with her performance. All too often it is easier to complain rather than praise. I cannot think of someone more deserving of praise than Jordan. "

An Association Board President

Gassen Company offers complimentary Board Training to the Boards of Directors for the properties we manage. The following is a note we recently received from a Board member: "My sincere thanks to both of you for taking the time to come to our property and provide us with an excellent training session. I now have a much clearer grasp of the board’s duties, as well as my own role as treasurer. With Gassen’s guidance and the positive attitude of our current board members, we are excited and anxious to accomplish a lot in the second half of 2015. "

Dave, Board Member

"I just wanted to thank you for providing all the necessary documents and information for the sale of 11B. The sellers are very pleased with your responsiveness. It means a lot to the unit owners to know you have our back on these sales. They already know that Rachel keeps our monthly financials in great shape; now they know you are the best, too. Many, many thanks."

Mary Lou

"Great job servicing our clients, Sevie! Here’s a comment from one of our valued homeowners: Thank you, Sevie! I appreciate all of your help. It’s been so wonderful to work with you as a resident. I’m sad to leave our Association, but I have nothing other than good things to say about Gassen. Thank you and your team for rescuing our community! "


"I would like to recognize Jordan Christopherson as the best manager I have ever had, in whole, in all the associations I've lived and in part, at Gassen Company. She is dedicated, caring, polite and her fast response makes me feel like I am the only customer she has. I am very impressed. "

Lien, Satisfied Client

"I have found my experience with this company great. The quick response and knowledgeable people, like our property manager and her supervisor, have been a pleasure to work with. This has been consistent over the years. Thank you! "

An Association Board Member

"As a homeowner for over twenty years, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Gassen Companies. The communication that we as homeowners receive from your company has been the most refreshing (and long-awaited) benefit of having a truly professional and reliable management company at the property where I live. Believe me when I say that this has never happened before with any other management company, since I moved in, in January of 1993. All those companies have kind of lumped together in my memory, but I certainly remember that most of them did not return calls or address concerns in a timely manner – in fact, some of the staff was so curt and annoying that most of us stopped calling and tried to figure out how to address problems ourselves. Needless to say, it was terribly frustrating for all of us. I talk to my neighbors all the time; we all agree how excited we are to see all the work being done on our properties; and to have our problems and concerns addressed in a timely manner from an experienced and dependable company. Imagine never having had any of the trees trimmed in all these years, or having the landscaping cleaned up (removing those Junipers – what a difference it made!) It has truly been an eye-opener to realize how much needed to be done, and how neglected our property actually was. What your company has managed to do already is sort of mind-boggling to all of us. To say that we wish you had been our Property Managers all along is quite an understatement. We are very grateful that Gassen Companies is our management firm. I am not able to attend the Annual Meeting, but you certainly have my permission to pass this letter around or copy it for the meeting. I know that I speak for all of my neighbors; and no doubt for the entire community when I say thank you from all of us for making such an outstanding commitment to our community. "

A Happy Homeowner

"I’ve lived at my condo complex for almost 30 years, and for almost all of that time, we’ve been managed by Gassen. I was also on the volunteer board for 10 years. Our independent auditor is always praising our property for being well managed and Gassen’s expertise is a huge reason for that. They have been great partners with the board, respecting our individual strengths and insights as homeowners, while providing us the outside expertise we need to manage Association finances, remain compliant with the most recent statutes and regulations and our own governing documents, and keep our property looking great. They are wonderful at helping us find the best combination of quality and reasonable cost when we are bidding out maintenance projects and they make sure our vendors complete the project according to specs. And I like that they’re locally owned — that the people in charge of making sure we’re getting the service we need are right here in the Twin Cities and not in an office somewhere across the country. I would highly recommend them. "

Wendy, Former Board Member

"I keep meaning to take the time to tell you but have not done so, I wanted to personally tell you how much I appreciate having your leadership with our association. Your positive but very direct approach is such a welcome treat. I like that you don’t allow yourself to overrun by either residents or board members themselves. I know that so often, people don’t get feedback when they make a difference and I didn’t want this to be one of those occasions. You are a gem. "

An Association Board Member to a Gassen Association Manager

"I have been a condo board member working with Gassen as our property manager for the past 12 years. For me the most important characteristics of a management company are honesty and transparency, dependability, and experience. Gassen gets high marks in all those areas. They are up front and communicate well—they say what they mean and mean what they say. They also vet all of our vendors and recommend those they believe will best fit our need. They write project specifications, negotiate with vendors to get the best deal for our Association, and follow through with them to be sure everything is completed as promised. They also make sure we stay compliant with new laws and governance issues. Our Board works as a team with our Gassen property manager and the support and insight we receive is invaluable. Interacting with any of the staff is a pleasure, as they are professional, courteous, and very willing to work with you to resolve any questions you have. I recommend them highly. "

Eileen, Board President

"Gassen has been very responsive (the last 6 months in particular) about any issues we have had. Our property manager is very approachable, and always sends timely board packets and e-mails to keep us up-to-date. He’s very knowledgeable and supportive in solving the problems that come before the board. "

Anonymous, Happy Homeowner

"I was uncertain as to the best way to do this, but I simply had to contact Gassen to leave a message on behalf of the assistance I received from the office manager. In a nutshell, I received EXCELLENT service and assistance from her. My family and I are selling our condo and throughout the demands of documentation and everything else that can make selling your home difficult and time consuming, Your office manager was willing to step in and assist me throughout the process of acquiring all the needed documentation from Gassen Property Management to provide for the new buyers of our condo. She answered my questions quickly and provided all the needed documents almost immediately, which allowed us to stay on schedule and keep the anxiety of waiting at bay. Thank you for all your help throughout the whole process. You made the sale of our condo that much easier!!! Thanks and keep up the great work! "


"Thank you so much Keli! You are the best! I always promote Gassen whenever I can because of you. "

Mary, Partners Appraisal Service

"On behalf of the Association board, I want to thank you for conducting yesterday afternoon’s financial seminar. It was very helpful in re-orienting the board members to the ins and outs of association finance and to the new federal rules governing financial operations. The seminar also provided vaulable opportunities for numerous and important areas of discussion. As president of the board, I appreciate Gassen Management’s initiative for taking the effort to make available these types of seminars. We will be a better board because of it. "

Robert, Board President

"I wanted to let you know - Gassen is fantastic!! My mom and stepdad also live in town homes in Bloomington that you manage as well, and my stepdad is the president of their association and says you are wonderful! "

Lindsey, Satisfied Client

"I think we’ve all been thrilled with the fine job our Property Manager and Gassen have done this year. Although higher in price than our last management company, Gassen offers real expertise and guidance on HOA management that is very much appreciated by us amateurs. Competent follow-through and excellent quality service appear to be the hallmarks of your company. On behalf of the entire association, congrats on a fine year and thank you again for the excellent work. "

John, Satisfied Client

"I felt so honored at receiving the lovely card sent by all of you for my service to our association. It is indeed rewarding as a volunteer to receive accolades from the professionals that all of you are. I have enjoyed working with each of you and the support given to me and the Association by you all. It was rewarding to me that the “back room” was staffed with talented and concerned people who cared about the success of our Association. The “back room” is where I spent most of my professional career, so I have a strong appreciation for all the work involved. Special thanks to the accounting staff at Gassen for keeping our accounts and records in such stunning condition. Our property manager was so generous to take on the property not knowing the transitions that were coming; and you weren’t alone! Kirk, you are a very forward thinker, proactive manager, and it is a pleasure to have worked with you and your staff. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to do this again. "

Char, (retiring member)

"When I sent my questions regarding the insurance change which was on our board meeting day, I really did not expect that you would immediately respond. If I have another question, I won’t send it on the board day. Please know that I sincerely appreciate your good work and kindness. You always go the extra mile! "

Barb, Satisfied Client

"Thanks so much for your prompt response on this matter, your maintenance vendor was knocking at my door at 9am. It just re-enforces what we were talking about yesterday on how pleased we all are with Gassen as our management company. Keep up the good work and thanks again, "

Chris, HOA Member

"Never before have we been in the hands of a management company that REALLY cares. I believe our property manager will get us on the right track and give us advice and guidance we can believe. "

Board Member

"If you have I LOVE GASSEN stickers, send me some. "

Association President

"Both our Property Manager and on-site caretaker were amazing in their responses to the long list of discussion topics for the first Board meeting of the year (April), which always has a ton of proposed projects that need status information, estimates, etc. They made an extra effort to research, and we received everything we needed to make our decisions and kick off the yearly maintenance. These two individuals also got kudos for dreaming up and creating the “fountain” in the west holding pond out of existing materials, which is keeping the water moving and creating a nicer view for the third floor owners. Our on-site caretaker was able to replace the broken lamp by the driveway entrance, again using an existing light and a $75 mounting plate. His maintenance know-how, do-it-yourself attitude, and innate frugality saves us SO much money. "

Association President

"Jodie Woodrow is the BEST Property Manager, I, as President of the Association, have ever worked with, and I have worked with six different Property Managers. Immediate response, proactive, organized, excellent follow through. She keeps detailed records and calendars. She returns calls and emails ASAP. Excellent communicator and writer too. Gassen is the professional Property Management we have searched for meeting all our needs and expectations. "

Association President

"We are fortunate enough to have Jodie Woodrow as our Property Manager. I have experienced at least six other Property Manager’s [at other companies] and, without a doubt, Jodie is by far the best Property Manager we have ever had. She is an excellent communicator, promptly returning calls and emails, and articulately expressing policy and reasoning in a diplomatic manner to our owners. She is incredibly organized keeping a calendar and tickler system of pending items that need to be addressed. She understands the complexity of managing a property and is attuned to the political realities of different situations. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and offers great advice. She works well with our vendors, recommends vendors where needed, and always follows up with them to be certain they do what they agreed to do in a timely manner. She is always pleasant to myself, our Board and our owners and never seems to have an attitude that she is too busy to address our millionth inquiry. I would rate her as excellent in all areas. She makes my job easier and I appreciate her efficiency. Jodie is the primary reason we stay at Gassen and although we could find services at a less expensive company, we believe she adds so much value that it is worth staying. We have been very satisfied with Gassen also, whether it be the ever changing supervisors to Jodie, or the accounting department. We appreciate the stability of the same Property Manager so a history and relationship can be built with one person. "

Association President

"Our Property Manager is honest, active, proactive, enthusiastic and always constructive in her approach. I could not imagine living in a townhouse association that did not have a professional management company like Gassen. "

Board President

"Thanks so very much for all that you do for our Association! We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for your wonderful efforts on our behalf! "

Board President

"Great to work with! "

Brian, Satisfied Client

"I’m sure that you get a lot of “requests” to do this or that, well I am one of those and just last week: I requested someone to get out to our Condo and clean the ice off the roof because the water was leaking down our walls. The next day I requested an estimate as to when they would be there and walked out the door for most of that day. When I returned I had an answer from you and a message from our renters. You said “it would be this same day”, our renters said “they came at eight o’clock and did a great job”. This is the second time I’ve asked you for something and the response has been GREAT. I just wanted to thank you for your service and expertise. It is a pleasure doing business with you Peggy. "


"You are a resourceful treasure…We appreciate your hard work & dedication to help us to be the “very best we can be”—serving our residents. "

Satisfied Homeowner

"Thanks for all your great communication during the deck project at our Association. We are looking forward to working with you in the spring to finish it up. It’s a pleasure working with Gassen. "

Jeff, Board Member

"Overall we are very comfortable with Gassen Company, Kirk’s ready availability and response, and Nance’s work. "

Diane, Satisfied Client

"It seems the roof had started to leak and was coming in my coat closet. I was able to get ahold of your emergency number and a Gassen employee came out and took care of the problem – actually chipping the ice off of the roof itself. He was great! I really appreciate the service. I am going out of town this week and it could have been in a real mess. "


"As past President of our association I worked closely with your company. I always found well meaning and competent individuals ready to help when we needed. I have had several other condo associations contact me for my comments regarding Gassen and have always recommended [them]. "

Former Board President

"She [Our Property Manager] is very detailed and organized with lists of things that need to be done on the property. I always feel confident that all issues will be addressed in a timely manner. Also, she has been a great advisor to us, providing guidance and information to the Board members so that we can make appropriate decisions. And, last, but not least, she always responds to requests in a very timely and respectful manner. She is nothing short of professional, respectful, and courteous in all manners. I am delighted to be working with her. "

Board Member

"The conflict and controversy that developed prior to the meeting was intense and our property manager was truly a team player with us as well as giving us valuable guidance. You made a good selection with her for us, and we thank you for that. "

Susan, Board Member

"Thank you so much for your patience and the respectful way you handled what can be a very difficult situation!!! You are truly very kind. (said about a Property Manager) "

Marion, Homeowner

"I am very happy with the Gassen Management of our association. "


"Schoenfelder Painting has worked with Gassen Companies for more than 10 years as a service vendor. Over the years, Gassen Companies has mastered the ability to balance the goals of ownership with the expectations of the residents. Gassen Companies has the experience, the expertise, and the capability to provide professional property management services to its clients. Gassen Companies ability to effectively manage all manner of properties in various markets and locations is enhanced by the leadership of its owner and is passed down to the managers. They have always been enthusiastic in their service, which sets the table for their ability to excel. I not only consider them clients, but friends. Thank you for all the years of business. "

Jared Summers, Schoenfelder Painting

"It is so nice to have Gassen back-our Property Manager is great! "

Jan, (returning Association)

"Thus far, from a homeowner perspective I must state that Gassen and you in particular provide excellent customer service and it is appreciated! By the way, I also enjoy the HOA website, very professional and capable of sharing a great deal of data. "

Matt, Satisfied Client

"From an Outside Source:I just could not let one more minute go by without telling you of an experience I had with one of your employees this morning. I am the Realtor representing a property on Nathan Lane that you manage and was in need of condo documents and a resale disclosure certificate. As a 55 year old I often have trouble navigating websites and as usual I couldn’t figure out how to find and pay for all of this online at your site. So, I was referred to a property manager who could not have been more helpful, kind, pleasant and accommodating. I want you to know that from my vantage point, she is an employee that is an extraordinary ambassador for your company and your reputation as a business. From the first telephone call to the final email she was professional and KIND in every sense of those words. "

Ellyn, Realtor

"Never in my experience thus far with property claims have I ever had or been in contact with such a proactive association! Not only did the [homeowner] explain to me that your management crew sent someone out right away but I came to find out it was late on a Friday evening when you were having a holiday party. Not only did you immediately address the homeowner’s needs but you sent someone out to meet with them that night. I am so impressed with the ease and ‘common’ sense’ approach your company has and continues to take with this situation. So many other associations out there leave the homeowner alone with damage-rarely offering any assistance and certainly not such immediate assistance. I can only hope to have an opportunity to work with companies such as the Gassen Company in the future. "

Rachel, Travelers Insurance

"I am a realtor and deal with many property management companies and rate Gassen 'Top Notch'. "

Bruce, Realtor and Homeowner

"Thanks again, Kirk, for all the great work Gassen Companies does for our association. Your family has built a wonderful organization over the years. I think the Gassen staff is the best! "

Former Association Board President

"Thank you so very much to our Property Manager! She and the on-site manager worked so hard and so well as a team…again! I was so impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the Gassen staff last night. Once again, Gassen professionalism has come to the rescue! "

Former Association Board President

"Our Gassen property manager brings a strong architectural background to management/board discussions, which allows our board to feel confident that we are making informed construction and preservation decisions. "

Board Member

"I am glad that you take my feedback seriously, you are a very good director! If I ever have a chance to introduce or suggest a management company to another association, you're definitely on my list! "

Lien, Satisfied Client

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